In this post we will look at 10 ways in which you can help to better manage your stress.

1) Talk About It: Talking about the fact we are feeling stressed means appropriate action can be taken. If nobody knows you are stressed and suffering then no one can assist you. You need to overcome any objections you may have and help yourself.

2) Drop What Causes Your Stress: Stress is just another emotion that we have. It can be released and let go of, and it is very simple to do. In order to do this you need to know what it is that is causing you unnecessary levels of stress. When you have the cause of your stress then consider letting it go. Release it and move beyond your beliefs and thoughts about the situation.

3) Plan Your Day: If you find that you are getting overwhelmed during the day and getting stressed out because of it, then plan your day. There’s a famous saying that goes ‘If you fail to plan, then plan to fail’. Why not just focus on 2 -3 things during the day that are achievable and manageable. Break bigger more complex tasks down into smaller manageable chunks.

4) Take Action: Taking action is all about doing something about your stress levels. Whatever you do don’t just ignore the problem or not invest in your wellbeing. Those that do well in life are those that invest in their wellbeing, for example stress relief sessions with me, yoga, listening to relaxing music, going for a walk, talking about the problem with a trusted friend are all ways in which you can help yourself. However the most effective by far is getting professional help to knock out the root cause of your stress.

5) Love Yourself: Love is like having your very own de-icer. When we experience stress we are frozen in place and trapped within our emotional representation of the world. It is only when you melt the ice that is trapping you and keeping you in it’s embrace that you set yourself free. A simple exercise you can do is stand in front of the mirror, and let go of any beliefs and thoughts that happened in the day. Then as those feelings get lighter imagine totally accepting everything that happened. Allow those good feelings to expand and grow. With practice you will find yourself feeling better and more energised and less stressed out. I go into more depth on this 1:1.

6) Have An Intention Every Day: Goals are sometimes misunderstood in the self-help world. I like to use the analogy of a ship just about to set sail. Now there are two stories here; The first is the story of the ship that has no real idea where it is going. The crew just decide to set sail, they have no route to their destination nor do they know how many provisions of food and water to take with them. After sailing for many days the crew run out of food and provisions, and they have no idea how to return to shore as they are in the middle of a vast open ocean with no land in site. The prognosis doesn’t bode well here does it? Now contrast this with a ship that knows exactly where it is sailing to, how long the journey will take, has stocked up more than sufficient rations to last the journey. Which journey do you think is more survivable, and which ship would you much rather be on? As you can see the Goal is the destination and the Intention represents how you are going to achieve your goal. With this in place it becomes more likely that you will achieve your goal.

7) Stop Figuring It Out: This is perhaps the most common problem for us all. That is your mind doesn’t know how to solve the situation, and is dutifully doing exactly what you are asking it to do. That is give you no answer. If you knew what to do you would do it, wouldn’t you? If you believed that you had the answers and focused on what it felt like to have this goal then you would move closer to having your goal. All that’s needed is to let go of figuring out how you are going to achieve your goal and be the goal right now. Let go of those beliefs that say you can’t do it, or how will this happen etc. In other words ‘focus on what you want not what you don’t want’ (Lester Levenson).

8) Change Your Mindset: It is so much easier to just admit defeat and throw the towel in when the going gets tough. I often enjoy reading biographies of those people that I resonate with. Think of super-successful people like Richard Branson or other such people who really struggled and had to overcome adversity to be successful. Follow suit and change your mindset about your situation. It’s only when you change your beliefs about the situation that things begin to change. Why not get a sheet of paper out and write down all those negative beliefs you have and then write the opposite more positive belief. Notice the difference.

9) Exercise: Exercise keeps us fit and healthy but also keeps our minds in check as well. When we exercise we release endorphins that make us feel good. It is also a good way to get your mind of things for a while and focus on something that gets you out and about. Consider also joining a networking group, or meetup event.

10) Sleep Well: Sleep is your bodies way of recharging itself. It is also a chance for your unconscious mind to find a solution to the issues you’re facing. However don’t make the mistake of worrying how you are going to achieve something before going to bed. That is your conscious mind throwing you into a spiral and you won’t sleep well at all. Get yourself quiet before going to bed and consider just letting go of any thoughts about your day. This way you sleep more soundly and are less likely to have strong visual dreams that cause you to wake up or feel restless.

Well that is it. Those are just some of my top tips for stress reduction. Post your comments below, and if you want more help and assistance then sign up for either skype or 1:1, and let’s banish your stress for good.