As part of a select group of clientele I see I sometimes work with those who suffer from Drug Addiction. It might surprise you to know how many people in London take drugs and usually for a variety of reasons. To overcome stress, to get high, to boost their mood from low self esteem to high self esteem are just some of the reasons people will tell me. Of course along with taking drugs comes the more destructive issues, like family impact, being sidelined by family, relationship breakup not to mention irrational behaviour. With so many people offering support to help Drug users it can be hard to know who to turn to and who to trust, which is why I wanted to share with you my own secret formula for tackling drugs.

The first thing to note is understanding basic Human Emotions and how these affect our ability to break free of our issues. Any addictive behaviour is really a very strong desire, which at that moment in time prohibits us from thinking rationally and in that state of lack of awareness we give in to the desire and take drugs. However since desire is just a feeling; that enables us to be in a position to be able to let this desire go. In so letting this desire go we can take the first tentative steps in breaking free of our desire to take drugs.

So how do we do this in three sessions or less. Quite simply we work with how you naturally deal with desire. Desire is like a forest fire raging out of control and like a raging forest fire the best form of eliminating a forest fire is starving it by letting some areas burn themselves out. Of course there is water intervention and fighting fire with fire as well. So how does this relate to desire then?? Quite simply we have to burn out the desire, surrender to it and let the emotional feeling leave. When we do this using my secret tools and approach massive progress can be made in a relatively short period of time. We all have within us the innate ability to let go of our emotional chains and break free to a new more empowered level of living. The only thing that stops us is our critical mind that prevents us from thinking clearly or believing that we will never be free, and in cases not taking the action we so desperately need to take to be free from our issue. If you’re really serious about taking those tentative steps to being drug free then contact me today and let’s work together until you’re free from drugs:) Call 07826287366 or email at or just post a query through the contact form on the right:)