In recent years, hypnotherapy has gained wide popularity as an alternative treatment for mental health issues. When used as an integrative approach, it can help prepare patients for painful medical procedures by enabling them to alter their feelings and perception about the treatment and pain. Besides, it may also help you get over past experiences by allowing you to explore painful memories, thoughts, and feelings they might have hidden in subconscious state of your mind.

What it Can Cure?

Hypnotherapy can particularly help with the following anxiety-related problems

1.     Physical Strain

Physical strain is usually the symptom of emotional or cognitive stress. Depending upon the severity of stress, it may include irregular heart rate, rapid breathing, and shaking. Hypnotherapy attempts to reduce the frequency and intensity of physical strain by addressing and altering beliefs that trigger the physical reaction. By embedding a modified behaviour, the therapy may allow you to feel more relaxed and comfortable when faced with the similar situation in the future.

2.     Emotional Strain

Continued feelings of fear and anxiety may put you in a strained emotional state. As a result, it may cause discontentment and worry, which may hamper your personal and professional life.

Hypnotherapy can help you recognise your unconstructive thoughts and replace negative beliefs with positive ones. By resolving the causes of anxiety and implanting more productive thoughts, the therapy can make you feel happy, content, and more stable emotionally and psychologically.

3.     Sleeping Disorders

People with anxiety often have difficultly falling asleep. Sleeping disorders may be caused by a number of personal, professional, or social issues. Getting to sleeping with muscle tension and anxiety can be nearly impossible, and thus may cause various other health problems.

Hypnotherapy can help alter anxious thought patterns and implant improved suggestions that can reduce anxiety level, which in turn leads to improved sleeping patterns.

4.     Phobic Reactions

Hypnotherapy can greatly help in conquering phobias. The therapy attempts to replace your irrational thoughts about the object or event causing fear with logical beliefs. While phobias typically occur due to an earlier experience which the person does not remember, the hypnotherapist aims to access the underlying stimulus to eliminate the conditioned response altogether.

Regardless of the severity of the problem, hypnotherapy can identify the underlying causes of your anxiety and change your thought and behavioural pattern to restore your mental health.

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