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The Anxiety Expert gets you your results quicker than other therapists because quite simple nobody understands the Mind quite like Shaan does. Did you know that all anxiety is, is a build up of emotional energy? Since all emotions are fuelled by our feelings we can easily let those feelings go. That’s what makes us different and unique. We don’t do just positive visualisation in the hope that that will change your life: We both know that doesn’t work? What you need is to let go off the root cause ‘the feelings’ and you’ll achieve freedom from anxiety quicker than before. There are no magical cures or guarantees but I can tell you that if you work hard and listen to all the advice you will learn in the sessions then there’s no reason why you can’t be anxiety free. It just takes time sometimes and that is perfectly okay.

I invite you to check out my Facebook Page “The Anxiety Expert” for great free information and also the Media section to see me being interviewed on national radio. I’m very picky about appearing on TV so you wont see any TV appearances as I feel to do so could affect the confidentiality of my clients and also lead people to think I’m some sort of guru.

A Litttle About Me…

Shaan himself experienced debilitating anxiety in his youth but discovered that many of the medical professionals he saw were not adequately equipped to help. It was at this point that Shaan realised that conventional methods of dealing with anxieties were not always the most effective. They largely failed to address the root cause of the problem and provided only a short-term solution.

Determined to identify a simple, effective way to fight his own anxieties, Shaan moved into teaching and found it boosted his confidence by forcing him to address some of his anxieties – including that of public speaking – head on. Years on, Shaan instils this same realisation of tackling anxiety head-on into his private clients, together with a strong belief for success. He believes that this technique is part of the reason why his clients achieve excellent results.

His approach revolves around identifying and tackling that root cause and promoting ways of erasing previously learned behaviours. Unlike many others in the field, Shaan acknowledges the simple fact that human beings are complex and have individual personalities. Consequently, he believes that creating a bespoke treatment plan is fundamental to achieving a successful outcome. Each is further complemented with a customised MP3, plus clients have use of an incredible and virtually unheard of out of hours support service, both of which are designed to help clients reach their goals.

Do You Feel You Are An Impossible Case And There’s No Hope???

That’s what Paula thought when she came to see me for her anxiety and now she is making positive strides in achieving her goal of being anxiety free:

Hello Shaan. Thank you for giving me a positive goal to aim for and for being so patient and kind during my therapy sessions with you. I will continue to practice everything you taught me and hope to be anxiety free soon. Please accept my very best wishes for your continued success with all your future patients.