July 19th 2016

Mind Chaos To Mind Calm

Our minds are on a never ending play mode. It is constantly chatting away and judging, analysing and just trying to figure everything out. We trick ourselves in to desperately holding onto to these thoughts and irrational viewpoints in the...

April 29th 2016

The Anxiety Experts Simple Guide To Overcoming Examination Anxiety

Feeling anxious right before exam is a common phenomenon. Sitting in the examination hall or taking a test is one the most stressful and nerve-racking feelings. For most of us, even the thought of an exam can get our palms...

April 27th 2016

Social Anxiety Disorder

April 25th 2016

How Hypnotherapy Can Cure Social Anxiety

Social anxiety affects as many as 40 percent of people at some point in life. Social anxiety or phobia may be described as fear of everyday situations, like standing in a queue, sitting in a group, walking down the street,...

March 24th 2016

5 Things that Can Make Your Anxiety Worse

Most of us experience feelings of anxiety or panic at some point in our lives. Statistically, the condition severely affects nearly 16 percent people at least once in their lifetime.

Unfortunately, most people are not aware of how they can manage...

March 18th 2016

How to Manage Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings

March 12th 2016

4 Anxiety Problems Hypnotherapy Can Cure

In recent years, hypnotherapy has gained wide popularity as an alternative treatment for mental health issues. When used as an integrative approach, it can help prepare patients for painful medical procedures by enabling them to alter their feelings and perception...

January 30th 2016

7 Ways to Ease Anxiety during Cancer Treatment

January 5th 2016

How to Overcome the Feeling of Being Overwhelmed

Do you ever feel that sense of extreme pressure, like a 10 feet wave that just keeps crashing into you, bearing down on you – physically and mentally? Each time you try to rise above it, the weight keeps bearing...

December 15th 2015

How Can You Overcome Hangover Anxiety This Holiday Season

Holidays are all about fun and catching up with friends, but if you have a drinking problem, you can soon find things starting to spiral out of control. What starts as enjoyment ends up in nausea and mood swings the...

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