As I write this post we are fast approaching xmas, the shops are lit up the coca cola adverts are soon going to be upon us and there are an assortment of sweets and chocolate advent calendars in the shops.

However for some of us who are suffering from anxiety related issues, xmas can be a time of loneliness and regret. Regret about what you should have achieved and where you are now in your life. This anxiety can manifest itself into a mild depression where you just feel low all the time, but particularly at xmas time. Then there is the issue of having to impress those relatives, and tell them your latest news broadcast about what you’re up to.

Coping with anxiety can be easy when you understand a few basic fundamentals about how we process and operate our world. I like to keep things simple and free from theory as much as possible. This is because I advocate that change is simple and easy. I advocate that the way in which we interpret our world and function in our world is simple once you understand a few basic rules.

1) Rule 1 is our world is a direct representation of our own thoughts, beliefs and impressions of the world in which we live, whether that be negative or positive.

2) Rule 2 is that all thoughts both good and bad can be let go off easily when you give them permission to do so.

3) Rule 3 is you are already perfect in every way. The only thing that stops or limits you are your own beliefs and thoughts. Positive thoughts lead to positive representations of the world in which you live. The opposite is also true, negative thoughts lead to negative representations of the world.

4) Rule 4 is in each moment you have a choice to listen to those unhelpful beliefs and thoughts or choose not to listen to those unhelpful beliefs. Life is a decision. Decide to focus on the positive (the goal) and that is what you will attract into your life. Simple stuff.

If you bear in mind the above four rules then you can begin to cope with your anxiety in a much better way. For more information about how I can help you 1:1 then give me a call on 07826287366. Take care.