Having worked with Anxiety UK I got to see many types of anxiety. I saw Health Anxiety, Social Anxiety and General Anxiety Disorder which tended to be the most common.

I also spent many months working on a phone line with Anxiety UK which they sadly discontinued, as I had many people ring through needing support. Well it’s one thing doing face to face work where you have more ability to read the other person and guide the session, but it is more difficult for some therapists to do the phone work. I personally am quite happy doing phone work, as it means the client i’m working with is in a safe place and in familiar surroundings. One of the things that I had to figure out was how to effectively work with these people on the phone and get them from 10/10 on feeling the worst anxiety to a 3/10 or preferably a 0/10.

The trick to do this is what i’m going to share with you today:

1) The first thing before we tackle anything that is going to stir up unpleasant feelings is to gain altitude. The way to do that is to think of a place that relaxes you. A special place or situation that when you think about it brings up strong feelings of peace and relaxation. Maybe it’s a special holiday place or something like that, maybe it’s a person. Really feel and sense this place/situation. Feel and notice everything about it. Feel those good feelings right now.

2) Now it’s decision time. ‘Who do these anxiety thoughts belong to?’ They belong to you. So measuring yourself on the scale of 1-10. 10 being the most anxious and 1 being the least where are you on the scale? Continue to let go of your anxiety until you hit 0. If you get stuck just allow any thoughts to be there.

3) Now imagine as if this situation was fine. Ask yourself ‘How would I like to feel?’ Feel that now and just expand and allow those nice feelings to grow.

That really is all there is to it. For more support and individual help then consider ringing me on 07826287366 for a free chat.