Do you ever feel that sense of extreme pressure, like a 10 feet wave that just keeps crashing into you, bearing down on you – physically and mentally? Each time you try to rise above it, the weight keeps bearing down.

This can easily be described as feeling overwhelmed; with anxiety being a part of it, this condition can impact your mind as well as your body.

In the age of fast-paced lifestyles, it can be hard to stay focused, relaxed and stress-free, which is why we here at The Anxiety Expert provide you a few tips on how you can overcome that feeling of being overwhelmed.

Symptoms of Being Overwhelmed

Physical symptoms of being overwhelmed can start to become more and more intense. Anxiety can take over and push your body past the limits, which is why you have to keep an eye on the markers of being overwhelmed. Some of these signs are

  • Chest pains
  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Trouble Breathing
  • Rapid heartbeat
  • Inability to concentrate on anything else

Feeling Overwhelmed From Anxiety

Accept Your Feelings

We all try to tell ourselves that we can handle the level of stress that we are under even when we can’t. The first step to overcoming this feeling of being overwhelmed is by acknowledging that we are taking on more than we can manage, and thus, this degree of anxiety is not normal.

Stop Pressuring Yourself

We all have those voices in our heads that constantly tell us what we did wrong and why we need to do everything in one go. The first step is to tell that inner bully to back down. We don’t even stop to think that perhaps the effort we are putting in is just enough.

Not Being in Control

Many of us are closet perfectionists. And with this characteristic comes certain pressure points. Grasping for control can lead to this feeling of being overwhelmed. We fail to delegate because we cannot trust anyone else to accomplish the task. But often, we forget that having a mountain of tasks to do all by ourselves can also leave us feeling overwhelmed.

Tips on Being Anxiety-Free


Exercise is a very versatile tool when it comes to combating the feeling of being overwhelmed. By taking out all your frustration and energy during your exercise, you tire out your muscles, improve your breathing cycle. But more than that, you can use exercise to flood your body with positive endorphins which work to relax your mind and make you feel happy.

Take a Walk

Getting away from the situation which is giving you this feeling of being overwhelmed can help you see, feel and even smell things with every step you take. Walking helps your blood flow, and regulates your breathing, giving your mind just the amount of relaxation it needs to think clearly.

More than this, if you feel like you are suffering from the feeling of being overwhelmed, it is best to come to The Anxiety Expert for your treatment. Shaan White is one of the top anxiety experts in London offering treatments which can help you overcome your feelings of being overwhelmed. For more details, contact us today!