In this post How To Release Stress The Easy Way, we are going to be looking at a quick and easy way to relieve your stress so you feel calm and relaxed all the time.

Stress is just another emotion that negatively impacts us and causes the sufferer to feel frustrated, depressed, and generally feel that there is no way out of their situation. In some instances stress is seen as a sign of weakness and is often ignored. The fact is we should talk about stress and know that if we don’t let it go then at worst it can kill us, and on a more daily basis in can lead to health issues and general low moods. In the UK Work Related Stress costs the UK economy £26 Billion every year, and in my opinion this is a huge waste of money that needn’t be so.

To understand why let’s have a quick crash course in how emotions work and how our body stores emotions. Emotions represent our feelings about the world in which we live. Some emotions are positive and can aid our growth, for example the feeling of being confident or in control. Other emotions can have a negative impact on us, for example stress, anger, lust etc. Emotions also impact the body as well, so if you are feeling stressed you may feel that in the body as being lethargic, depressed, or having upset stomachs more regularly. There are of course other ways in which your body feels stress but I’m keeping this simple for now.

Therefore it makes sense that if you can release the stress then it is more likely and plausible to expect yourself feeling more energised, more confident about yourself and notice that your health improves as well.

To release your stress you first need to know what it is that is causing you unnecessary levels of stress. Once you have found the cause then quite simply you just have to let go of your beliefs about that situation. Ask yourself:

1) What beliefs do I have about this situation?

2) What am I getting stressed about?

3) Does getting stressed make me feel better or not better about myself?

4) Whose stress is it? Does it belong to me or someone else?

5) If the stress belongs to me then can I welcome up the feeling and let go of the stress now? And could I let go of the stress some more?

That is all you need to do to be stress free. For more guidance and support then why not come and see my either at London’s Hale Clinic or at my offices at MIND in Brighton. Alternatively ring me on 07826287366 for more help. Just like taking your car to a mechanic to fix it, sometimes we need to do the same ourselves:)