Our minds are on a never ending play mode. It is constantly chatting away and judging, analysing and just trying to figure everything out. We trick ourselves in to desperately holding onto to these thoughts and irrational viewpoints in the mistaken belief that that is what we are supposed to do. We’re supposed to listen to that recording in our mind right??

Well that’s not entirely true. You see your mind, just like everybody else’s is on a self-destruct mission. Our minds thrive in chaos and calamity. Negativity get’s us fired up in the mornings. It often makes me laugh when I recall commutes to London on the way to my clinic. People just unconsciously make a bee line for their daily news. They have to get the Metro newspaper and fill their heads with all the dramas and chaos going on in the world. But let me ask you; If your mind is a creative instrument and gives you what you put in. What would you much rather hold in mind, all the junk of the day or be focused and laser like on your goals and objectives.

I understand we protect our minds at all costs and no doubt it may be stirring up right now as it reads this. So ask yourself with whatever problem you have:

Do you know what to do mind?

Do you know how to resolve this issue?

How will I resolve this issue right now?

So tell me, did you get an answer. Anything meaningful and not negative. Of course you didn’t. What you got was more thought process, more noise as you desperately try to figure out the answer to a question you don’t have an answer to. My final question to you is would you like to be free of this noise and chaos right now. Would that interest you? Then let me show you how you can do it right now by following this roadmap:

Step 1: First just find somewhere where you can relax for just 5 minutes

Step 2: Pay attention to those mind thoughts. Watch them and observe them without going into the drama and whole story of it all.

Step 3: Begin to surrender to the quiet. Imagine if you had all the answers right now. How would you feel? How quiet would your mind be right now? Could you just surrender to that quiet? Just relax and focus completely on your breathing and at the same time just know all the answers are within you right now. Just notice how much quieter you feel when you have all the answers.

Step 4: Begin to absorb all the benefits of this session and emerge feeling relaxed and peaceful as you count from 1-5. On 5 you are fully awake and ready to continue your day.

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