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Shopping Anxiety: It’s Serious and Here’s How You Can Deal With It

Shopping Anxiety: It’s Serious and Here’s How You Can Deal With It

Not everyone likes to go shopping. Shocked to hear that? As unbelievable as it sounds, it’s true.

If you are also afraid of hitting the supermarket to do your grocery shopping, it’s perfectly understandable. With the congested aisles and overcrowded space, especially with the holiday season looming over our heads, it’s not uncommon to feel anxious to visit the store when you find yourself running short of supplies.

However, for some of us, going grocery shopping – holiday or no holiday – may be a dreaded chore and one that takes up a lot of their time and effort. The anxiety thus follows the anticipation of the task, and is not just related to grocery shopping, but to any kind of shopping trip. With some planning though, you can minimize the anxiety that comes along with the dread and turn your shopping excursion into a pleasant experience. Here are some suggestions:

Choose the Right Timings

The supermarket or grocery store that you are accustomed to visiting may be more crowded at some time as opposed to others. So the very first thing that you can do to minimize your anxiety is to choose non rush hour timings. Generally, going in right after it opens, or before closing time, can be helpful as the crowd is limited at those times. You may have to reschedule other things on your agenda for that, but as a result, you may find the task less intimidating without having a crowd to deal with.

Know What You Have To Get

Much of the anxiety often stems from the fact that you go into the store, unfocused and unprepared. If you know what you want to buy beforehand, you can minimize your feeling of dread as you will not need to stand in one place and think about the list of things you need. It also helps to plan your meals for a weak in advance and make a list of all the things that you want to buy. The more prepared you are, the lesser time you will have to spend in the store and the earlier you get done, the sooner you can come back home.

Prepare Yourself

You may not like to go shopping but it’s a necessary chore that needs to be done. By giving it some thought and planning though, you can identify the feelings that put you off and prepare yourself for it. It could be anything that makes you anxious, and if you think it’s the location, store representative or the atmosphere of the store, try going to another store where you feel comfortable. Mentally prepare yourself in advance to make that trip and if you can schedule your trips at the same time and same day every week or month, it can help you fall into that routine and feel less anxious as opposed to making random trips.

You can minimize your shopping anxiety by following these tips. However, understand that anxiety can be treated and if you feel it’s getting out of hand, you should speak with a therapist. For further help, get in touch with a professional at or visit