People often let their anger take control of their lives. Though being firm can be a healthy emotion, letting it get out of hand could lead to serious consequences that are sure to affect your health and personal life.

During the span of my career, I had to deal with many patients who had gone through this phase, letting anger be their boss one time too many. What still surprises me is that at first many people refuse to admit that they might be suffering from this problem. Only when things started getting out of hand do they realize that everything might not be as normal as they thought them to be.

Once they came to the realization that they do in fact have an anger problem, they contacted me, which I must tell you was a brave act on their part. Not many people can gather the courage to help themselves get out of this dilemma. But they did, and now they are living happy and normal lives, thankful for the day they decided to seek help.

Whenever I get patients who might be a victim of this otherwise healthy emotion, I first work on finding the root cause of the problem. Most of the times, people are aware of what causes them to see red but they still keep going back to doing the same old stuff.

There can be numerous reasons for feeling angry, and sometimes, they can be just the smallest things. But what are the dynamics of anger? Are there any rules that apply to this emotion? People must first recognize anger to be able to deal with it effectively. So here are a few points that might be the cause of your anger.

  • People tend to get angry when they are stressed out and an empty stomach fuels up the emotion.
  • The anger might be a result of old resentments and disappointments that have surfaced recently.
  • Past problems are often the cause of most anger flare ups.
  • A situation or incident might cause you to explode if it is similar to what you have experienced before.
  • Childhood regrets and hurt might make you feel disconnected, that will eventually lead you to anger.

How to Control Your Anger

Letting go of anger can seem like walking up a steep mountain. It saps our strength and energy and can leave us feeling exhausted and fed up. Just as climbing a mountain requires real focus and determination so is the case for overcoming anger.

The key to tackling anger can be summed up like this. Your anger is like weeds in the garden. In order to be free from the anger you must dig up the roots of the weeds so the weeds don’t even come back again. So here are 3 simple tips you can use today to help you overcome your anger and get rid of those weeds:

Tip 1: Deep Breathing is used by therapists all over the world. Though simple, this technique has proven to be very effective. All you have to do is just follow the simple instructions and you’ll feel the anger evaporating.

  • Breathe in for four seconds
  • Hold it in for four seconds
  • Breathe out over four seconds
  • Pause for four seconds before saying or doing anything

 Tip 2: Anger Release: In a relatively calm setting, first of all, relax yourself by focusing on your breathing. Then, visualize the situation that results in you getting angry. Begin to imagine that anger floating away and leaving from your chest area. You can imagine it as a bubble leaving or object leaving. This powerful technique will help you release the tension.

Tip 3: Change your behavior: Visualizing the situation that once caused you to get angry, imagine how it would be if you were relaxed and calm in this situation in spite of what was going on. When we focus on the positive, we hold that in mind and grow as a person. .

Hope the article helped you confront your anger in a more productive way. You can reach me directly at or why not book your free 20 minute session and find out how I can help you..