‘Tis the season to be jolly’, so why are you blue? I understand that during this festive time of the year, being away from home and from your loved ones, can make anyone feel upset and lonely, but is your happiness truly dependent on others? Think about it!

Sometimes though, loneliness is not just connected to being at home alone. It is not a matter of being surrounded with people that can keep the feeling at bay but rather, finding that feeling of fulfilment on your own. When it comes to loneliness, it is what’s inside you that matters rather than your surroundings that create a difference. That is what I tell my patients; find the reason why you feel blue so that it can be fixed and yes, it can be fixed and removed for good!

Holidays are a time to relax and the perfect time to regain control of your life. Spend quality time with yourself and turn that downward curve on your face upward. Show the world that happiness comes from within, that it’s not dependent on others. Beat the Christmas blues and celebrate the festive season with yourself. Take this time to reflect on your thoughts and habits to find out what is bothering you.

Now, if any bit of what I’ve said makes sense to you, then you’ll love what I have to share with you next. I can understand how loneliness can feel, especially at the time of Christmas when everyone else seems to be rejoicing except for you. Let’s just say I’ve spent a lot of time among such lonely family and friends but I have also seen many of them take control. You know how? By remaining positive!

Positivity leads to happiness. When you at least try to look at things positively, you can change your outlook about them. For example, if you fill your Christmas days with activities that you love doing, as opposed to those you have to do as daily routine, it can help beat the blues to an extent, as now, you will look at the holidays with a different perspective, having things to look forward to, that you like doing.

If it is yet another festive season where you’re feeling blue no matter what, let me share some more tips with you:

1.    Accept Invitations

The best way to kick the blues is to accept invitations to dinner from friends at work. Now you may want to turn them down and lock yourself in your home, but trust me, if you say yes and go out and become a part of other people’s happiness, you’ll feel good.

2.    Have a Daily Goal

Do you spend your days aimlessly or with a purpose in mind? That’s is just like being a ship sailing aimlessly in a vast ocean with no destination to go to. Having a daily intention helps to set your mind on track and gives you focus. Accomplishment of a daily task will also uplift your spirits upon its achievement.

3.    Enjoy Solitude

If you don’t have friends around during Christmas, then don’t you worry! Plan a day with yourself. Prepare yourself some great food and watch a movie. Relax and unwind.

Don’t sit around and feel sad for yourself on Christmas. Make the most of the time and enjoy the holidays!