Is there such a thing as a top UK Hypnotherapist and if so what should you look out for when searching for the very best. Do the very best leave clues?

Well I can only speak from my own personal experience and regarding myself as a top UK anxiety therapist means I know a thing or two about quality and excellence. So find below my short list of what I consider makes a top UK Hypnotherapist or Therapist:

1) Does the therapist treat you as an individual or do they want to box you into a categorary to suit their needs and not yours? A top Hypnotherapist wont do that. They’ll find out what your issue is and explain a simple, clear line of attack that encourages you, inspires you and shows you how you will resolve your issue. The plan is personal to you.

2) The best are only to happy to make the impossible possible because they are experts in what they do and how they do it. Preferring to avoid the limelight and ‘guru’ status they don’t need to prove anything. They happily demo their techniques and within the first session you will be blown away. I myself refuse all media request as I haven’t the time for appearing on TV shows and Radio shows and writing in magazines etc. I’m too busy making a difference and changing lives, and most people who you call ‘gurus’ haven’t got a clue what they are doing anyway.

3) They go beyond the norms and go out of their way to help you and support you outside of the sessions. Anyone here heard of out of hours support??? I offer it.. Does your Hypnotherapist?? Most don’t and I wonder why they call themselves therapists if they don’t.

4) A top UK Hypnotherapist above all GETS RESULTS FAST. If you come to see me for anxiety issues or fear issues you will be amazed what you can experience in just one 50 minute session. That’s because I’m not crapping around with the same old outdated techniques and NLP run of the mill ideas and concepts. Top UK Hypnotherapists aren’t run of the mill and their techniques are reflected in that. In other words they are innovators not crowd followers. Too many Hypnotherapists are out there using the same useless techniques and it drives me crazy sometimes hearing all the times I get a client who has all but given up hope and wasted tons of money before finally seeing me. Which brings me to the next point.

5) Tell me. Why is a Rolls Royce so expensive or a Ferrari or a Buggati? The reason is they are the best, they stand out for quality and excellence and that excellence has a price tag. They are the most expensive for a reason. Just like top UK Hypnotherapist aren’t cheap. We are expensive because we know darn well that we get results, and that has a price tag and rightly so to. I myself have spent decades studying, refining, practicing and continue to hold myself to the highest levels of excellence and success in all the clients I work with. If you go cheap then you’ll get rubbish. My fees start at £195.00 for a single session and are £521.00 for 3 sessions. Expensive means quality and you’ll ironically save more money in the long run.

6) The best usually have books, CD’s, Apps and have various price points so you can check them out first before going for more expensive therapy. However like with anything, face to face is the best. Books, Apps, MP3 tracks and the like all have various levels of success, but none beat face to face.

7) In your session a top Hypnotherapist will make you feel for the first time that you really can overcome your issue. The number of times I’ve had people with a life-long dehabilitating issue that was impossible to break free of and then 50 minutes later we have made such headway, and in some cases completely eliminnated the issue is quite remarkable. That’s principally because I know what I’m doing and an expert.

8) Avoid the special offers and the gurus who appear on TV/Radio and the like. Most of them just have no clue what they are doing and how to get results. Just because someone appears on TV or been seen in or featured in means nothing. You should have a healthy level of skeptiscm and ask yourself ‘How are they going to help me?’ ‘How do I know that person is still ‘cured’ right now? The Media generally are after weird and unique case studies that they think will sell a show. Most of the time the ones doing the real life changing work never get asked to appear on TV shows, because they respect their clients need for confidentiality and the issues they work with aren’t deemed ‘Mediagenic’.

So there is my top 8 tips on seeking out a top UK Hypnotherapist. I hope you find I useful and refreshing. My final point before you even spend a time with any therapist ask them ‘ How are you going to resolve the root cause of my issue?’ If they can’t answer or stumble then don’t spend a dime with them. Ask that question to me and I’ll tell you instantly how I’ll tackle your root cause:)

If you like this post consider spreading the love and share this with all your friends as it saddens me to say there are people wasting a fortune seeing some TV guru or Radio guru only to be left frustrated and broke and feeling worthless. Avoid the celebrity Hypnotherapists like the plague. You have been warned:)