Drug Addiction

Do You Find Yourself Unable To Stop Taking Drugs?

Are You Living in Fear Of Being Found Out By Your Partner Because You’re Worried About How They Are Going To React?

Do You Tell Yourself You Can Do This By Yourself Only...

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Overcome Alcohol Addiction

Do You Experience An Uncontrollable Urge To Drink? Have You Been Trying To Moderate Or Eliminate Your Urge To Drink Alcohol? Would You Like To Break Free And Move From Being Run By Alcohol To Taking Charge Of Your Drink?

Alcohol Addiction can...

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Panic To Peace

Do You Experience The Fear Of Uncontrollable Panic Attacks? Have Panic Attacks And The Thoughts Of Them Trapped You In A Prison In Your Mind? Would You Like To Be Free From The Fear Of Having Panic Attacks?

If you answered YES, then...

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Release Your Anger

Anger is a natural human response. However, should individuals find that they are unable to restrain their angry outbursts, then it may have become an issue which requires help.

Learning to control this destructive emotion can have a life-changing impact; improving...

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Dental Confidence

Do You Find Yourself Freezing With Fear At The Dentists? Have You Avoided The Dentists Because Your Fearful Of The Drill, Injections…? Have You Been Searching For A Simple Easy Way To Be Dentist Confident?

Having a fear of the dentists can lead...

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Health Anxiety


Do You Find Yourself Thinking Every Ache And Pain Is Life Threatening?

Are You Constantly Thinking And Obsessively Worrying About Being Ill?

Have You Seen Your Doctor About A Million Times Only To Be Told “Yes You’re Fine”

Health Anxiety can seem like...

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Stage And Audition Confidence

Getting up on stage, standing behind a microphone or preparing to jive across the floor can strike fear into many people – whether it’s a first audition or a repeat performance by a seasoned professional. It can cause singers to...

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Public Speaking Confidence

Do you suffer from the following Do You Freeze Just Before Giving A Boardroom Presentation Or Pitching Your Idea To A New Company? Does You’re Heart Beat A Million Miles An Hour And You’re Terrified Of Those Cold Stares Staring Back At...

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Stress is one of the biggest causes of mental illness in the UK. It afflicts an incredible number of people and in the most extreme cases, can result in absence from work or even lead to depression.

As a qualified hypnotherapist,...

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Sleep Easy Tonight

The inability to fall asleep, to stay asleep and/or to enjoy good quality sleep has profound impacts on our everyday existence. Sleepiness and lack of concentration can detrimentally affect studies, work, relationships and can, in some cases, be incredibly dangerous...

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