Anger is a natural human response. However, should individuals find that they are unable to restrain their angry outbursts, then it may have become an issue which requires help.

Learning to control this destructive emotion can have a life-changing impact; improving our relationships, the state of our health, future job prospects and general well-being.

In the face-to-face sessions, Shaan takes clients through several techniques which promote anger release – identifying triggers and teaching them how to let go of these feelings.

Using a mixture of cutting-edge techniques, including hypnosis and cognitive behavioural therapy, clients can develop new and effective coping strategies which enable them to better manage their anger and remain calm in stressful situations.

Clients will be presented with a personalised MP3 recording that compounds what has taken place within the sessions and can be listened to at leisure.

As anger can be triggered at any time, clients may find our exclusive out of hours support service highly valuable. A little extra reassurance is only a phone call away.

Release your anger and let go of negative emotions with The Anxiety Expert. Licensed hypnotherapy expert, Shaan White, offers personalized anger management sessions to adults. During these sessions, he takes clients through several techniques to identify triggers and teach them how to how to deal with anger.

How many sessions will I need?

To achieve the best results, long-term, clients are advised to arrange three or four sessions. Contact me today on 07826287366 to learn more.