Do You Find Yourself Thinking Every Ache And Pain Is Life Threatening?

Are You Constantly Thinking And Obsessively Worrying About Being Ill?

Have You Seen Your Doctor About A Million Times Only To Be Told “Yes You’re Fine”

Health Anxiety can seem like your body is falling apart and constantly worrying about this ache and that ache and pain. Maybe you yourself have just got stuck in a rut, and don’t know why other people just don’t understand that “You Have A Problem” yet only to be told by your doctor you’re fine. This leads to more distrust and more insecurity.

Overcoming your health anxiety is actually a relatively simple process and can be achieved providing you are ready and willing to seek professional help. However I’d like to invite you for a free complimentary session where you can ask me any questions, get a glimpse of what I do and learn more about the personalised packages I have on offer.

How many sessions will I need?

Really depends on how entrenched the issue is. How much you apply yourself and do the tasks set. You’ll notice a change in the very first session and by sessions 4-5 we should have significantly reduced or even eliminated your issue completely.