Do You Experience An Uncontrollable Urge To Drink?

Have You Been Trying To Moderate Or Eliminate Your Urge To Drink Alcohol?

Would You Like To Break Free And Move From Being Run By Alcohol To Taking Charge Of Your Drink?

Alcohol Addiction can seem to run us at times when we feel low or depressed. When we feel low or depressed we look to the outside world for that happiness and re-assurance. Alcohol provides us with that mistaken comfort and security that we are looking for. In our sessions together we will actively look at your desire for Alcohol and aim to release that in a safe and controlled way. The process is fun, easy and you’ll notice the difference within the first few minutes of going through the process.

You see the reason you haven’t been successful so far in overcoming your addiction is that traditional methods of therapy only aim to mask the condition by getting you to repeat affirmations or think positively about the event or try to alter your beliefs about the situation. Now some of this is great for temporary relief, but not for permanent relief. Your addiction is fuelled by your desire. The desire is like the fuel that keeps you stuck and locked in place. It is only when you successfully release the desire you release the chains holding you in place. However don’t believe a word I say, take a look at what at what a past client said after working with me on her alcohol addiction:

“It’s been 6 months and I’m not really drinking at all. I’ve had a few celebratory sips of champagne, but that’s about it. I’ve been surprised at how easy it’s been, as I’ve tried hypnotherapy before and it didn’t really worked. In two sessions you’ve transformed my life. I feel a lot more in control of things, my relationship is great and I’ve lost weight and have more energy. I also find when I’m out socially I’m not craving alcohol or obsessing about not being able to have it – which has been the case in the past. I recently had a small amount of red wine at a wedding, but didn’t really enjoy it and was happy to go back on to diet coke. The last few months have been extremely stressful for other reasons yet I’ve been able to cope with the emotions without turning to booze. Thank you for the opportunity to take control of my life again and decide the kind of person I want to be.” D.G

Now if you would like to feel the same way as my past client then I urge you for your own benefit to book today. Everyday that goes by where you don’t take action or waste money with other so called therapists is a day you remain chained to your addiction. Break free today and get fixed:

Three or four sessions are recommended to achieve the greatest results, long-term. Contact me today on 07826287366 for your free complimentary consultation and to learn more about the process.