Do You Fear Social Situations?

When You See Groups Of People Do You Feel Your Heart Beat A Million Miles An Hour?

Do You Hope And Pray That They Don’t Notice You?

I can relate to what you are feeling as I myself used to suffer from social anxiety. I remember only to well how uncomfortable it felt to be around groups of people and just wanting to melt into the background. Maybe you suffer in groups like classes, boardroom meetings and just freeze and seize up not being able to share your opinions which in turn causes more frustration and anxiety.

So in my clinic I make a point of understanding how your anxiety affects you and more importantly show you ways that are simple and effective for letting these anxieties go. That way you can move from being terrified in groups to being comfortable in making your voice heard.


How many sessions will I need?

To achieve the best possible and longest-lasting results, we would recommend booking three or four face-to-face appointments. Contact me today on 07826287366 to find out more about how it all works and let me show you how it really is possible to be free of this anxiety or significantly reduce this anxiety quicker than you thought possible.