Do you get stressed about little things? Does that sink full of dishes make you anxious, or the morning rush put you over the edge? This is the case with most people and it is quite harmless. But I’ve seen many patients who neglected this condition and it turned into something more out of control over time.

We beat ourselves over any upcoming event and how it would go and tend to make predictions about the outcome. But all that worrying doesn’t have any effect on the outcome of the situation. All that it does is increase your anxiety and apprehension.

There’s a common question that patients ask when they come seeking help; will we be able to beat anxiety? And I always tell them; the more you follow my step by step process, the quicker you’ll be able to get rid of this potentially harmful feeling.

Most people who suffer from anxiety don’t seek any help. They have already convinced themselves that their chances of beating anxiety are nigh nonexistent. But that is not so. Though you might have heard that beating anxiety is quite hard, let me assure you that this is not the case. Since anxiety is just a perception, you can work to change your mindset and your problem will go away. I can say this with a very high degree of confidence as those people I see in my private clinic who follow the process and really apply themselves reduce their anxiety within the first session.

I’ve seen people with severe anxiety disorders and they were able to overcome this condition. There were times that must have been really hard for them, but with the right treatment and support, they were able to lead happy and stress-free lives.

All that is required of you is a few simple changes in your lifestyle and you too would be able to beat that stress and bring down the level of anxiety.

Here are a few tips to better help you:

  1. Look for your anxiety triggers: When you look at what causes your anxiety you’re exposing that cause making it vulnerable and weak. Ask yourself now “What would it be like if this didn’t affect me anymore”.
  2. Notice your beliefs about your anxiety: Often we have one or two key beliefs that self sabotage us. Identify those beliefs, write them down on a sheet of paper and then write the opposite more productive belief. Imagine how it would be if that new more positive belief was true for you now.
  3. Let go of holding onto your anxiety: The more you hold onto your anxiety the more it holds onto you. Let me ask you “If you were walking along and your foot got stuck in a trap would you blame the world for what was going on or would you find a way to release the trap?” You would find a way to get your foot out the trap wouldn’t you?? And gladly pay someone to free you.
  4. Think about things that make you happy: if you choose to turn away from the sun, you will never see the light that brightens the day. So think about the moments that were the happiest in your life and write them down. Fostering positive thoughts in this manner will help mitigate your anxiety.

So whenever you feel that you are taking on too much stress about simple matters, just try any of these tricks and you will feel much better about the situation. But if you still feel things getting out of hand, you can reach me at and see how I can help you.